End of the show

Now the IMDS and the St Petersburg stop are over. We have had such a fantastic response from all our guests. We have had about 150 people onboard from about 25 different companies and authorities mainly from Russia but also from India and Iran. We would like to thank everyone for their interest in our products. Perhaps we will be back next time.
Here follow pictures and comments from the two last days here in St Petersburg.


Here are probably the cutest visitors we had during all week. They also told us that they appreciate the different features of the IPS and that they consider using it in their next boat. Gopal is our talented photographer.


PTA80 showing some high speed turns in the harbour of St Petersburg.


This is not a common sight – refuelling an IPS boat. Now and then it is necessary after all. This time we had some nerve-racking minutes while the payment for 6000 litres was not accepted. Everything went well in the end.


The exhibition area during the last day, just by the jetty where PTA80 was mooring.


Some impressive craft next to our jetty.


The opposite of VP engines when it comes to smoke levels.


All boats wiht VP engines, big and small.


This monster has a VP marine genset inside. Yes, it is true.


Everyone likes her, she is really good looking.


Our captain Thomas Hansson responsible for all the impressing acrobatics on the water.

no comments

...no comments.

Volvo Russia

Volvo Russia visiting and having a bite for lunch.


Pilots visiting


This is the good bye picture from the team in St. Petersburg. Tatyana, Pavel, Thomas, Niko, Seva and Lars

One thought on “End of the show

  1. It’s great to see that you are working on convincing the next generation of customers!!! It’s crucial to catch them at an early (st)age 😀

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