Saturday at IMDS

Today we have had Almaz the design company here again. But we have also had Almaz the shipyard onboard. PTA80 has been filmed from the water and by a team onboard. The ministry of industry has been onboard (not all of it of course) and we have also been visited by “Enable Technologies Pvt. Ltd.” from India. They work with navy projects filling the gaps between the yard and the authority ordering the vessels.


Professional film team onboard.


An Optimist sailing race in the harbour


Enable Technologies Pvt. Ltd. from India

An ambulance boat equipped with 2xD9 engines from Volvo Penta and water jets took us home to our hotel today. We were all fine, so no need for an ambualnce really.


Amulance boat

2 thoughts on “Saturday at IMDS

  1. Liked the optimist dinghy sailing, probably they are competing for a position in the next Volvo Ocean Race !
    And all other stuff were also very interesting, could we have a copy of the film ?

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