Baltic trip has started!

Off to Öckerö and MITAB. Participants from Westline boats, Fridhems varv, Swedeship, Ringens varv, Westers mekaniska, Skärhamns slip, Gothia Marine AB and FKAB attended the seminars and boat test today.

Öckerö harbour. PTA80 arrives

Early morning June 16, Öckerö harbour. PTA80 arrives.

Öckerö harbour, June 16

Öckerö harbour, June 16

MITAB seminar June 16

MITAB seminar June 16, Anders Bernhardsson speaking.

Manouvering the boat.

Manouvering the boat is easy with the joystick and the control with integrated buttons for activating and fine-tuning several features for easy boating. Single-lever mode, Cruise control and Low-speed mode are all easily accessible by just pushing a button.

Testing the IPS and joystick

Seminar participants manouvering the boat, testing the IPS and joystick.

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