Designers visiting

Almaz is a Russian design company designing high speed boats. A large group from Almaz visited us and we actually had to bring one part of the group on our first test run and the other part on the afternoon trip.

The boat cramped wiht people from Almaz

The boat cramped wiht people from Almaz

PTA80 wiht members of Almaz

PTA80 wiht members of Almaz.

More on the exhibition site

On the quay we found a nice marine fire pump based on the VP D16MH equipped wtih the MCC.The Volvo Penta stand with “live” twin IPS pods.

So now finally we are getting ready for the first demonstration of the boat and its IPS. We just need to tidy things up a bit first.

Everything needs to look nice and clean.

The aft deck full of people from “High Speed Craft Holding” experiencing the features of the IPS onboard PTA 80

High Speed Craft Holding manages governmental marine projects. Our gests were very impressed by the features of the IPS.

Demonstration of the impressive manoeuvrability.