Arriving at Krossholmen

The trip is finalised and we are back at our fantastic test facility Krossholmen. Hopefully we will see many of you there soon!

Crew from Kiel: Arne, Krister, Ingemar, Jakob, Anders, Håkan

In total we covered 2113 nm in 129 hours including boat testing at the seminars.

On behalf of the whole MC Team we would like to thank all of you for your participation and dedication into making this trip to a fantastic success! See you all again!

Thanks from Klas and Björn

Time for Captain Klas and Björn to hand over the responsibility for the ship to Captain Krister and Anders for the final journey home to Göteborg.

In summary 815 Nautical miles (excluding the test drives) in 34,5 hours. An average boat speed of impressively 23,6 knots!

Up to now after more than 1800 nautical miles on the Baltic Trip, the fuel consumption is in average 9,2 liters per nautical mile. That includes all test drives.


Starting with really bad weather in the morning. Strong winds and heavy rain – not a very good start of a seminar day but the boat is weatherproof.

Lots of visitors from e.g. shipyards, end users and press. General presentations in the morning followed by two boat test stations. One for the PTA 80 and the other for a new Pilot Boat with twin D16 engines fitted.

Fortunately the weather got better and prior to the last test drive session we actually saw the sun breaking through the clouds.

All in all a very well organised seminar.

Arriving in Kiel

“Early departure from Warnemünde as we were expecting stronger winds during the day. We started off in good weather but the wind started to increase soon. The boat performs really well also in tougher conditions. I was hoping to take a photo of the bow diving in the next wave but waited resultlessly. Too good boat and captain!”

Preparing for Kiel


Björn and Jakob using the transfer time to clean up the boat and get it ready for Kiel. Björn also testing the fire fighting system as he used the fire hose while poor Jakob became master of the deck brush.

Today we had a very comfortable ride from Sassnitz to Warnemünde. Low windspeeds and calm seas.

Leaving Poland